Asked Questions

When did the Tribe buy the track?

The Kalispel Tribe of Indians purchased the three-parcel raceway formerly known as the Spokane County Raceway in October 2021, renaming the property Qlispé Raceway Park (QRP).

How large is the QRP property?

The property includes nearly 300 acres with a drag strip, road course and oval track.

When did the raceway open?

The track opened in a limited capacity for the 2022 season, and its first full season of races began in 2023.

What improvements Have been made?

We repainted a large part of the facility in the colors of the QRP logo, selected for their ties to the medicine wheel. Additionally, we upgraded the timing system and installed LED scoreboards on the drag strip. To facilitate night-time drag races, we also enhanced driver visibility along the road course by painting the curbs and adding pavement stripes. We moved back the tire walls to improve safety, as well.

What about the oval track at QRP?

At this time, the oval track will likely not be used for racing events as it needs new paving and significant additional investment. We’ll keep you posted when additional information becomes available.

What other events will be held at the QRP property?

The drag strip, road course and other parts of the property are rented for car races, swap meets, obstacle courses, bicycle races, fun runs, car shows, driving schools and other events.

How do I hold my own event at the QRP property?

To inquire about rental and lease opportunities, please use our Contact Us form to provide a few details. Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.