Racing in Spokane back to full throttle! The Kalispel Tribe of Indians brings you Qlispé Raceway Park (QRP)—the Inland Northwest’s most exciting venue for lightning-fast racing.


If you love fast cars, QRP will fuel your need for speed. Strap in every summer and fall for our full season of drag-strip and road-course races, featuring top fuel/alcohol dragsters, nitro/blown alcohol funny cars, jet cars and wheel-standers. Follow our Facebook page for news on partnership events coming to QRP.

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Qlispé (kuh-lee-SPEH) is the international phonetic-alphabet spelling of the Kalispel name and the original way tribal members pronounced it. It translates to the “Camas people,” referring to the beautiful purple flowers that grow along the Pend Oreille River. The bulbs of the camas plant were harvested and dried in spring, then consumed in winter as an important source of protein when fish and game were difficult to find.


Racers have experienced the joy of competition at this raceway track near Spokane, WA, for nearly 50 years. We want to keep that tradition in full gear.

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Racing fans! Get fast answers to your questions. (Okay, maybe not “Nitro Funny Car” fast, but you get the point.)

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Qlispé Raceway Park offers leasing and rental of its facilities for uses other than drag strip and road course racing. The QRP property is also perfect for:

  • swap meets
  • bicycle races
  • Car Shows
  • Obstacle courses
  • Driving Schools
  • Other events
  • Fun runs

Interested in holding a group event at QRP? Be sure to contact us early! Demand is high for our space and facilities.

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